Jeanne (Dunham) Weiss

Jeanne Adalyn Dunham was born July 19, 1927.

Jean graduated from A.B. Davis High School in Mount Vernon on February 4th, 1946.
She later attended the Washington School of Secretaries in New York to learn typing and short hand.

As a youth, Jean always enjoyed boats & hanging out at the shipyard. Jean had a little boat (punt) that she ran around City Island Bay with.

An attractive young woman, Jean met her husband-to-be Stuart through the shipyard. One day Stuart just approached her. Stuart’s parents Henry & Rose Weiss owned a beautiful yacht which they had purchased & kept serviced at Dunham Shipyard & Sales Co. Shortly thereafter, it was Henry who arranged – by means of Jean’s father – “Stuart & Jean’s” first date.

Jean worked 2 years as a secretary for the publishing company Ziff Davis on the 64th
floor of the Empire State Building. Jean says that she got fired from her employment with
Ziff Davis because Stuart used to intercept her before she was to go to work and she never got to work.


Stuart Arthur Weiss was born 8-21-25. Stuart’s parents Henry & Rose Weiss owned a Ford dealership in Jamaica, Long Island.

Stuart was an alumnus of Jamaica High School. He attended the University of Rochester under the Naval College Training Program, and graduated June 8, 1949 from the New York Medical College.

Stuart was only 24 when he graduated from medical school in 1949. Stuart had been able to graduate at such an early age because he had participated in a Navy Program called V-12 (Accelerated College).


Jean says that Stuart Weiss was very intelligent. The couple used to play a game where they would read the dictionary and test each others vocabulary. Jean said that Stuart seemed to know every word in the dictionary. Jean also says he had a wonderful sense of humor.

The couple dated about two years prior to marriage.

The couple was married on Jan. 21, 1950 in St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in Larchmont, New York. Aunt Kaye Brown was the maid of honor at the wedding ceremony. Stuart’s brother Kenneth was best man. Upon being married, the couple headed for New Orleans, La as Stuart was beginning his medical internship 7/1/49 at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans.

During the Korean War (1950-53), Stuart was drafted and served as a Naval Doctor in Newport, Rhode Island. Stuart did his medical residency in Radiology at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C. Stuart also spent time in Pittsburgh where he met a Doctor friend who assisted him in coming to Long Branch, New Jersey.

Stuart and Jean had two sons: Chris born 5/6/51 and Jon born 12/19/55.

About 1955, Stuart and Jean came to New Jersey and purchased their residence
at 20 Conover Lane in Rumsen, N.J.

The early Weiss family enjoyed going to the beach and boating.

Stuart passed away on 11/24/69.

In the latter part of the 70’s, Jean began dating her ophthalmologist, an Italian named Dr. Roberta Ciampa. Robert had been associated with the same hospital that had Stuart worked at. Thus, Jean had been remotely acquainted with Robert. Jean says that Robert was very family-oriented. He practiced part of the year in Italy, mostly cataract surgery.
Jean dated him for approximately 4 years and traveled with him several times to Italy.

When asked about her close friends, Jean mentioned her handyman of 40 years Robert Coney, her next door neighbor on Conover Lane – Rosalee Williams and Rosemary

Jean enjoyed good health for most of her life. In later years, she came to suffer from Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) which is a bleeding condition in which the blood doesn’t clot as it should. This is due to a low number of blood cells called platelets.

As a woman, Jean possesses many great qualities. She is intelligent, well-read, articulate and a person of strong religious conviction. She was well-traveled. Jean was also an organized person.

A Republican, Jean loves following the stock market and was fiscally prudent. Throughout her life, Jean loved to read the newspaper. She enjoyed following both current events as well as the financial news.

She loves to communicate and can talk with others for hours.

Most important of all, Jean was a very good mother under difficult circumstances.

Jean wants to be remembered as a woman who tried to do the best that she could in all aspects of her life. Jean hopes that those whom she loves will remember to “be honest and truthful with yourself and all others.” Jean died June 2, 2009 in Little Egg Harbor, N.J. She is buried beside her mother in the Gate of Heaven cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, N.Y.