Peter (Patric) McGregor (1796 – 1866)

Peter McGregor was born in Perthshire Scotland in 1796. In 1818 Peter and his fiance Catherine Ferguson received a land grant with 10 other families for 100 acres in Beckwith Township. On 23rd July 1818, they left Greenock (burgh of southwest Scotland on the Firth of Clyde. It is a port and manufacturing center) aboard the ship – the Sophia.

After sailing, forty three days, they arrived in Montreal Sept. 8, 1918.

Peter carved a farm out of the woods on the SW ½ of lot 8 on the 9th concession of Beckwith (near Mississippi Lake). Catherine and he were married on May 4 1821 in the house of a Presbyterian minister.

Peter and Catherine had nine children – 5 sons and 4 daughters. The names of their children were: John1, Mary, Christiana, Catherine, Robert, Lucy, Peter, James and Archibald.

Catherine died at age 52 on 8/14/1848.

About two years later (1850), Peter remarried Fortune (Traveller) Grant. Fortune had come from London England. Peter and Fortune had one daughter together named Janet.

Peter, father of ten children, died 3/16/1866 in Beckwith Township, Ontario.