Alexander McGregor (aka McGrigor) (1765-1845)

Alexander McGregor married Mary McCallum on 26th Jan. 1796 in Balquidder, Perth, Scotland. The couple had 5 sons and 2 daughters: Peter (Patric), Archibald, Duncan, Hugh, Robert, Janet & Mary. The respective christening dates of the children are as follows:

Patric 1/3/1797
Archibald 3/1/1799
Janet 5/4/1801
John 1/3/1803
Robert 9/23/1804
Mary 12/25/1806
Duncan 2/13/1809
Hugh 6/14/1811

The couple had lived in Kirkton, Scotland at the time of Patric’s christening and later at Middle Achtu.

In 1818, desperate to escape poverty, find a better life, and obtain a colonial land grant, eleven McGregors made their way to Greenock, Scotland to board a brig (ship) named the Sophia. Three ships – the Curlew, Jane and Sophia were to carry 311 passengers. The Sophia carrying 160 settlers set sail from Greenock on 7/26/1818 towards Quebec. The voyage took 43 days arriving in Quebec on 9/8/1818.

The discomforts of crossing the Atlantic ocean was described by one author in the following fashion: “The seasickness, overcrowding, and bad air below deck, the lack
of food during the storms, and the captains efforts to keep his ship and passengers in a sanitary condition by urging the sick on deck and airing their clothes and bedding, the whole weary journey of the long crossing, are here set forth….” (John M’Donald, Narrative of a Voyage, pp. 3-6)

After arriving in Quebec, the McGregor’s went to Montreal, then Bytown (Ottawa). Alexander drew a lot for a place of his own to farm in Beckwith (in the county of Lanark
Ontario). Alexander drew SW ½ of Lot 8 on the 6th Concession.

The eleven McGregor’s from the Parish of Balquhidder had arrived in the new world: family head Alexander (and Mary McCallum), son Peter (and Catherine Ferguson), son Archibald (and Jannet) and 5 children.

General historical facts of the Scottish emigration plan can be found in “The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada 1784-1855 Glengarry & Beyond by Lucille H. Campey, pp 48-51.