Hilda Alice (Givens) Kennedy

Hilda was born 19 Oct 1887, in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada. She was the sixth of seven daughters born to John Wesley & Margaretta Ann Givens.

Aunt Hilda was very much a lady, very religious and loved her Christian Science religion. She left home at 17 and went to Montreal. There she worked in a grocery store to support herself. After a few years, she met Uncle Charlie and went out to Vancouver to live.

Hilda married Charles Worley Kennedy 23 Sept 1915 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Charlie worked in a ship yard (I believe). He supported her well and was very fond of her.

Hilda was kind, generous, and very fond of her sisters Min and Irene. Aunt Hilda was very close to Aunt Min. Aunt Min used to travel by railroad each year to see Aunt Hilda.

Rosemary never met her until she was about 30. Hilda gave Rosemary the money for her court reporting machine which in those days was a lot of money – $3500.00. I would go and see her every day. Hilda was as excited about me learning the machine as I was. 

After mom died, I took her to live with me but she had a stroke and Dr. Giberson made me put her in the manor in Renfrew. She seemed to be there a long time but she and Ewart were good company for each other because he ended up there also.

Hilda died 29 Jan 1980 in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada. She is buried beside her parents in Pakenham.