Andrew Givens Jr.

Andrew Jr. was born in Ireland in 1816. Andrew registered a will with the County of Lanark on Oct. 22, 1868. This will divides his property between his 5 sons and 4 daughters. No mention is made of a wife!

Andrew Givens Jr. marries a Sarah Graham in the Congregational Church ( a split from the Presbyterian ) on the 23 Oct. 1871. [ Sarah would have to be his second wife. ]

The 4 daughters and 5 sons names were:

Margaret (born 1845), Mary (1846), Jane (1847), Sarah (1848), William (1850), George (1851), John (1855), Andrew T. (1858), son with initial J (1860).

These names were derived from an 1861 census Enumeration District #21 Lanark Township, Lanark County. Andrew Jr.’s will speaks of a son Erwin.