William Forsythe and Lady Susannah

William Forsythe was born in 1751 in Monahan County, Ireland. He lived in Anniliton (Parish name), Clonibret (town), Monaghan County, Ireland.

William was the coachman for Lord Maxwell of Farnham of Cavan. The Maxwells of Farnham owned almost all of Cavan County (Cavan was very close to Monaghan County).

William fell in love with Lord Maxwell’s daughter – Lady Susannah. The two eloped marrying about 1786-87. While still living in Clonibret, Ireland, the couple begat a son John, born 1788, and a daughter Agnes who was born in 1803.

In 1822, William & Susannah and their two children John and Agnes left Ireland and came to Canada. It is not known what ship carried them across the Atlantic Ocean. Accompanying John was his wife Alice were their two children William and Mary. Thus, three generations came to the new world together. When they reached Brockville, Susannah became ill, died and is buried there. Her gravesite is unknown. The Forsythe family continued to Packenham.

The Forsythe’s & Maxwell’s are mentioned as being among the Lanark Society Settler’s of 1820 to Lanark Township. This is articulated by Carol Bennett McCuaig in the Lanark Society Settlers, 1820-1821, page 17.

William’s tombstone, one of the oldest stones, in the United Church Cemetery in Cedar Hill, Ontario lists him as having died 1/26/1826, aged 75 years.

A creek in the Packenham vicinity is named in honor of the Forsythe’s.