John and Alice Forsythe

John Forsythe was born 1788 in Monaghan County, Ireland.

In 1814, John, age 26, married a woman his same age named Alice. The couple had 4 children. The first two children William (1815), Mary Jane aka “Jennie” (1816) were born in Ireland. As John and Alice had left Ireland in 1822, their second two children Susannah, (1822-24) and Anne (1826) were born in Canada.

Alice died at age 54 on Aug 13, 1842. In 1854, John (age 66) and two nephews, Adam and John McKibbin, went to Australia to take part in that county’s gold mining rush.

About 1861\62, John left Australia and went to the U.S. where he eventually died in 1867/69.